How to Venture Out for Business Consulting


There are no institutes that produce consultants. Institutes at best prepare people to become professionals who later turn into consultants. So, it is the industry and business that produce professionals who pay them back. Professionals who have worked in industries or have been closely attached to businesses have ample opportunity to become consultants. You might have worked for some extensive period in the industry and have known it inside out. Then someday you feel to unleash your hidden potential in contributing more positively to the industry and also earn more. This can be a turning point in your life as you embark on a new journey as a consultant.

Business Consulting Ventures


Getting your first client

Having parted ways with your employer, you can go back to them a second time in your new role. It matters a lot if you can start with a client that is reliable and big. Who else can be a better choice than your previous employer? Since your employer knows your abilities, they should not be hesitant to seek your services. Getting the first assignment is important as it gives the confidence of making a comfortable start. After all, adjusting to the uncertainties of wearing a businessman’s hat by giving up a salaried job needs some solace.


Choose a small playing field

As a new consultant, restrict your reach to clients. Instead of aiming big, begin with small clients and small jobs. This would give you the ability to demonstrate your skill in a better way, and you would be able to do it more quickly. Results will be forthwith and visible. It will value to your portfolio as a business consultant.  This can be the prelude to the big leap that you want to take.


Once again your previous employer can help. If you find that your employer did not take interest in smaller clients, then this group could become your target. Make a deal with your employer to latch on to such clients and start serving them. You get the toehold that you are looking for and start building your credentials as a consultant.


Find partners

When you are operating in an individual capacity, there is an issue with name recognition. This is highly applicable in business consulting as the name of the consultant matters to clients. Whose brain they are hiring is a concern for clients. On the other hand, letting your name be recognized as a consultant is equally important to you for getting established. Both these objectives can be met if you partner with some other business houses by contributing your ideas to them. Even if it is complementary, it can take you a long way. Create a balance of ‘give and take’, so that your name gets publicized.


Be unique

Consultants do not do new things, but they have to do the same things differently. Whatever you present to the client should appear to be somewhat unique. Refrain from re-inventing but tweak the existing practice to give it a new look. The strategy should be able to stand out from the crowd with conviction.


Going through these steps takes time, but when done correctly, it pays back well, too.

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