Benefits Of Business Coaching

Benefits Of Business Coaching


It is very important to have business mentors and/or consultants that you can turn to for advice no matter how knowledgeable you think you are. A lot of business owners assume that the cost associated with investing in a business coach is a waste of money. However, the truth is, it is one of the best things that you could possibly invest your money and time into. Throughout this article, we will be going over some of the top benefits of investing into business coaching.

Top Benefits Of Investing Into Business Coaching:

1. Builds Confidence.

One of the biggest benefits that you are going to be able to get from investing in this kind of coaching is the ability to build confidence in yourself and what you are doing. Confidence in business is one of the most valuable things that you can work towards building. Knowing that you are being supported and backed by someone with a vast array of experience and knowledge on building successful businesses will simply boost your confidence to new heights. A coach will help to bring out the best in you.

2. Help Understand How To Work With Different Kinds Of People.

Another benefit that you are going to get from this kind of coaching is the ability to learn how to better work with different kinds of people. You will be able to practice various exercises that will allow you to learn how to maximize your efficiency and optimize your leadership capabilities.

3. Have An Objective Party.

Another benefit that you are going to get from investing in a business coach is the ability to have an objective party to look at what you are doing and see what is working and what isn’t. Also, they will be there to hold you accountable for the things that you should be doing and the things that you are actually doing. Thus, it will help you really define what is most important and what you need to work on both individually and as a business entity.

4. Ask The Right Questions.

A business coach is going to be there to ask the right kinds of questions. These are questions that will effectively help to challenge you to think critically about all areas and aspects of your business. When you have a coach from a different area and/or industry, you will be able to get a brand new and fresh perspective that you may have never had without them. They will also be able to ask much higher level questions that can help you fix problems in your business that you never even knew existed.

5. Experienced Financial Planning.

Another benefit that you are going to get from hiring and working with a business coach is having the ability to lean on them for their financial planning expertise. This is an area where a lot of new entrepreneurs lack experience and knowledge. It can be very difficult to plan out a budget when your entire focus is on executing your business plan, worrying about growth and scaling, and a lot of other things. A business coach is going to be someone that is experienced enough and knowledgeable enough to help you plan your finances in a very smart manner.

In the end, you are going to want to invest in a business coach if you are a new business owner and/or you are simply wanting to propel your business to new heights. It is actually one of the best investments that you can make into your business due to the amount of benefits to maximize business productivity that one can bring.

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Learn How To Get New Commercial Cleaning Clients

How To Get New Commercial Cleaning Clients

If you are just starting a cleaning company or you are looking for more business, you may be wondering what you can do to gain more clients. This advice will help you learn what to do in order to build up your clientele.

Advertise your business on social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Many people find success using just Facebook. First, you should make a Facebook page for your business. This is important to have so people know your prices and can get your contact information. Once you do this you should share your page on your own Facebook page. Then you should post it in every local group there is. Simply share your page and let people know that you are seeking new clients. This is a great way to build up your clientele list. You can also share your business information on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to let people know you are accepting new clients. This is free advertising and should be used to your advantage.

newspaper-adsAdvertise in local newspapers. This will cost you a little money, but it is worth doing. Many older people that can’t get around as well or don’t want to clean, hire cleaning businesses. Older people typically read the newspaper and will see your ad. You may pick up a good bit of business this way.

Register with websites like Home Advisor and Angie’s List to advertise your commercial cleaning services. Fill out all your information and make sure it stays up to date and accurate. These websites allow potential customers to search for particular businesses in their area. If they search for a cleaning company they will see your business and will also be able to see reviews about your business left by past clients.

Ask your clients to leave a review for you on your Facebook page or on other websites they can leave a review like the ones mentioned above. You can also offer a discount in the future if they leave a review to let others know about your business. This will let others know that you run a good business and are a good cleaning company to hire.

These tips will help you get new commercial cleaning clients easily. Put this advice to use and start advertising for yourself.

You will pick up lots of business in no time at all.

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Ten Areas That Are Essential In Hotel Maintenance and Logistics

Maintaining a clean hotel that is up to guests high standards can be a difficult task.


There are many areas that can easily go wrong. Take a look at any hotel review site and look at what guests are complaining about. Many times it is dirty rooms, broken air conditioners, and leaky faucets. These are all common problems that can be easily maintained and fixed when needed. You only have one time to make a good impression with a guest and if you get it wrong, they are more than likely not coming back. In addition, they are generally going to give a poor score to the hotel on a review site. This all leads to lost revenue. Fortunately, we can take care of some simple areas and keep our guests happy. Let’s take a look at several areas that need additional care when hotel maintenance is concerned.


Are Your Parking Lots Up To Standards

This the first area of the hotel a guest is going to see and it should be kept spotless, This includes making sure there are no potholes and the parking spots are all easily identified. Special parking spots should be easily seen from a distance. The parking lot should be well-lite and there should be no bulbs busted or burnt out. Your guests should feel safe in your parking lot and have no concerns about the safety of their vehicle or belongings. It goes without saying that all trash and refuse is collected on a daily basis so the parking lot is immaculate looking.

A Pristine Lobby

The next area your guests are going to encounter is the hotel lobby. Extra care should be taken with the lobby and it should always have a pristine and welcoming look. Always ensure that the floors are clean, lights are all in working order. There should be no crack or chips in the tiles as well. Keep the lobby smelling fresh and a comfortable temperature when guests arrive.

The Hotel Room

Without a doubt, this is where you are going to win or lose the trust of a guest. They want a room that is worth more than what they paid. It is your job to make sure you always meet and exceed the guests wildest expectations. The room should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that plumbing, heat, air, and television are all in excellent working conditions. In addition, carpets, paint, wallpaper should be checked on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear. The goal is to always make sure that a guest never has to complain about anything not working. Routine maintenance should include signs of bugs, pests, and odors.

Common Areas

Other areas of concern for you and your maintenance staff include dining areas, pools, and playgrounds. All of these areas should be inspected to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your guests. Always be on the lookout for cracked flooring, loose railing, broken locks. The pool area should be free of any hazardous materials and the pool should offer a pristine, clear waters. If the hotel offers a playground, regularly check all equipment for sharp edges, missing pieces, or broken edges. Add mulch and landscaping as needed to keep the area fun and beautiful.

high-bay-shelvingThe Areas That Your Visitors Can Not See

Without a question, there are many areas that your guests can not see in the hotel. While these may be out of sight, they can not be out of mind. There are many areas of the hotel that are prone to breakdowns and need regular checks. These include boilers, HVAC units, kitchen areas, washers and dryers, etc. Keeping these units working should be a top priority and will keep your hotel guest happy and satisfied. In addition, regular maintenance to these larger appliances and systems will help to keep them running in a good manner and stave off larger and more expensive repairs. Storage rooms would make good use of a simple logistics system or mobile storage solution to keep thing organized and make the best use of non income producing space.

Now you should have a better idea of some of the general maintenance problems your hotel may experience. However, if you stay ahead of these small issues your guests will remain happy and keep coming back. In addition, your hotel maintenance costs will be lower.

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Consulting 101 – Handling Client Requests without Losing Sight of the Project Goals

Consulting can be tricky business when it comes to client handling.

Whether clients are easy going or tough, they have one thing in common. They expect consultants to oblige them by accommodating all suggestions. This is tough for consultants who would be happy to do it most of the time but not always. The challenge for consultants is to choose what to accept and what are to be put aside without hurting clients. Saying yes increases the comfort level of working with clients. They feel happy that their request or suggestion has been incorporated and the going gets smooth. There is a lot of camaraderie generated between clients and consultants. This approach is looked upon as the path of least resistance, and is not always bad. However, it can be bad if it comes at the expense of the consultant’s professional competence.


The threats of agreeing too much

What happens when consultants try to go overboard to say yes to clients? The apparent feeling of goodness is lost amidst the problems that consultants have to face. The problems are such that it can affect the credibility of consultants and jeopardize their professional prospects.

  • Loss of trust – The most expensive threat of over-agreeing is to lose trust. When consultants tend to nod their head in the affirmative frequently, it creates a dangerous trend. They simply forget how many times they have agreed and what they have agreed to at the heat of the moment. This leads to a situation when it turns out to be false promises. The result is that clients lose faith in the consultant.
  • Over committal – Consultants should not over commit. The USP of consultants is to deliver more than what is committed by keeping the achievement bar slightly low. It gives an apparent satisfaction to clients who feel their expectations have been exceeded. However, committing more than what is optimally achievable can lead to disastrous situations. Consultants should never try to earn brownie points by committing more than what they can comfortably deliver.
  • Waste of time – Trying to accommodate too many client requests can waste time and put the project completion to risk. Moreover, consultants are paid on hourly basis, and they should be able to justify the time spent on sifting through requests and suggestions. Invalid requests should be politely turned down as the time spent on it goes to waste for all stakeholders.
  • Inherent deficiencies – If consultants accept too many requests from clients, it indicates the inadequacy of the project plan. It also shows that the right people were not involved in it. Lastly, it could be that the consultant is not sure about his own work. It also shows that clients might want consultants to play second fiddle by endorsing their viewpoint without thought.

Solving the problem

Now let us move in the direction of solving the problem. What would be the best way to handle requests and suggestions from clients?

  • All requests should be categorized as minor and major, and their impact on the project has to be quickly ascertained. This would help in determining which requests can be worked on and which ones need to be turned down.
  • For major requests from clients that take some time, accept it but not prima facie. Think about simpler ways of doing it, and probe about it with the client. Often it works very well!
  • Declining request politely is an art. Irrelevant request can be turned down by posing to set it aside for further working. It is a way of bidding time.

Consultants have to learn the art of saying No without uttering it.

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Strata Building Management Systems

Why is Upkeep Required for Strata Building Management systems?


No home, building or apartment is totally maintenance free. All structural parts and equipment have a limited style appeal and service life. This is influenced by the conditions it exists in, the quality of the installation, and maintenance frequency. All elements of a structure require routine evaluations and scheduled maintenance to effectively maximize their performance, longevity, and sturdiness. These points are crucial to the longevity of your Strata structure. The life of an element is influenced by the ecological and environmental conditions, as well as regular maintenance intervals and upgrades.

Buildings are subject to considerable wear and tear from age, climate conditions, and tenant usage. It’s important to have a management council which may enlist tenants and owners. A residential property administration firm can oversee and administer the objectives decided by your council. These would include property maintenance, commercial cleaning, window cleaning, landscaping, masonry, HVAC, and also administrative services.

These few points are intended to give a standard understanding of the maintenance needs.


We have to highlight that the corporation or council needs to quickly lay out to develop an annual maintenance program. With the assistance of a building contractor and an administration company, a reliable price effective program could be established. Your Strata Corporation should keep clear and concise documents of all completed projects, building management and maintenance schedules. This documentation can be used for accountability to the council.

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How to Venture Out for Business Consulting


There are no institutes that produce consultants. Institutes at best prepare people to become professionals who later turn into consultants. So, it is the industry and business that produce professionals who pay them back. Professionals who have worked in industries or have been closely attached to businesses have ample opportunity to become consultants. You might have worked for some extensive period in the industry and have known it inside out. Then someday you feel to unleash your hidden potential in contributing more positively to the industry and also earn more. This can be a turning point in your life as you embark on a new journey as a consultant.

Business Consulting Ventures


Getting your first client

Having parted ways with your employer, you can go back to them a second time in your new role. It matters a lot if you can start with a client that is reliable and big. Who else can be a better choice than your previous employer? Since your employer knows your abilities, they should not be hesitant to seek your services. Getting the first assignment is important as it gives the confidence of making a comfortable start. After all, adjusting to the uncertainties of wearing a businessman’s hat by giving up a salaried job needs some solace.


Choose a small playing field

As a new consultant, restrict your reach to clients. Instead of aiming big, begin with small clients and small jobs. This would give you the ability to demonstrate your skill in a better way, and you would be able to do it more quickly. Results will be forthwith and visible. It will value to your portfolio as a business consultant.  This can be the prelude to the big leap that you want to take.


Once again your previous employer can help. If you find that your employer did not take interest in smaller clients, then this group could become your target. Make a deal with your employer to latch on to such clients and start serving them. You get the toehold that you are looking for and start building your credentials as a consultant.


Find partners

When you are operating in an individual capacity, there is an issue with name recognition. This is highly applicable in business consulting as the name of the consultant matters to clients. Whose brain they are hiring is a concern for clients. On the other hand, letting your name be recognized as a consultant is equally important to you for getting established. Both these objectives can be met if you partner with some other business houses by contributing your ideas to them. Even if it is complementary, it can take you a long way. Create a balance of ‘give and take’, so that your name gets publicized.


Be unique

Consultants do not do new things, but they have to do the same things differently. Whatever you present to the client should appear to be somewhat unique. Refrain from re-inventing but tweak the existing practice to give it a new look. The strategy should be able to stand out from the crowd with conviction.


Going through these steps takes time, but when done correctly, it pays back well, too.

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What Does a Consultant Do

What is a Consultant and What Does a Consultant Do?


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